GregEdit 3/2 GregEdit 3/2 is a software conceived to publish scores of Gregorian chant. This new multiwindows version is of typeDraw oriented objects: i.e. like the drawings of vectorized type and handle themselves like the objects for all the drawing softwares of this type.

The advantage of this technique is a higher quality of the final printing. Whatever the size of the notes and the ranges, the definition and the resolution of printing will be always that which the printer can give. They are not limited to that of the screen.

The notes and the neumes are made note by note. Automatic adjustements make it possible to place them easily. Moreover lines inside of a neumatic group are done automatically according to the way in which one places the note compared to the preceding one. This allows a great flexibility and for getting all the configurations of neumes.

GregEdit 3/2 is entirely compatible in the with the former versions except as regards the chironomy and the red staves.

Various characteristics:

Possibility: to create red staves.

to create all the types of notes and rhythmic signs.

to save in several formats: jpg, pct,tif, (pdf on macintosh)

to put in upperligne signs of the manuscript of "SanGall".

to move any object or several objects to duplicate them together etc.

to listen the complete scores with synthesized intruments

to modify the tempo, transpose, modify the values of time, and power of each note

to listen to the solfa song of the complete scores.

to find a score starting from some musical notes.

to associate a real recording sound, made on integrated virtual tape recorder (or taken again of an audio file), with a complete piece .

On this site you will can find pieces with the GregEdit format to be downloaded free. For that, choose the tab:documents