Gregedit is a software for editing and hearing gregorian chant.

Gregedit demo is a demonstration version of GregEdit ™, that you can download and use such as you find it.

If you want to make the most of possibilities of the software, after the licence inscription a calculation on line will allot you a N° of registration and will allow to pass from the version demo to the complete version GregEdit 3 . Please proceed to the registration as indicated in the user's manual.

The carbon version of GregEdit works under OS 10 . (Not on OS 10 .7 and following). On OS superiors to 10.6.8. Installing this OS remains possible . Maybe by installing OS 10.6.8 on one partition of the hard disc, or on an external bootable hard disc .

Maybe by making a virtualization of 10.6.8 with the free downloadable software: VirtualBox (MT) on your Mac. This process will enable two systems working simultaneously.

The PPC version works, on allpovver-Macintosh™ OS 8-9.

The software is adapted toMacintosh™. It can work on the PC platform. You can ask the Association" Petrus a stella" for a CD with GregEdit™ installed with all the necessaries in order to emulate a Macintosh™ or you can download it.

You can Load some documents "pdfsonores" created with GregEdit To the format pdf, withtheir resonant accompaniment which are transferable and readable on thePC platform.


GregEdit demo: 1,3 Mo OS X.2-6 Version .

GregEdit demo: 1,5 Mo OS 8-9 Version .

GregEdit demo PC: 117 Mo Windows P.C. Version .

Free license of GregEdit .

The user's manual (Mac): 2 Mo .

GregEdit's documents .

Examples "PDFsonores" PC & Mac : 62Mo .

Abbaye de Fontgombault